Matched Betting

This once “underground” activity is now out in the open as matched betting becomes more an more acceptable. The idea that it is “gambling” and “risky” has been debunked as more and more main stream sources have come out in support of it.

National UK newspapers and other main stream media out lets have started to report on this phenomenon that is quietly sweeping the UK.

Students, housewives, househusbands, retired people, yes just about every demographic are now getting into matched betting as a way of making tax free money.

Just working from home on a computer or laptop you can earn people a very nice supplementary income just doing it part time for a few hours a week. There are even full time professional matched bettors who earn their full time living through it.


Why not try Oddsmonkey with NO OBLIGATION as they have a free trial from which you can earn about £45 to see if you like it. You don’t even have to give your card details for the free trial as they are so confident that after you’ve tried it you will go ahead and sign up for a paid account anyway.

If after watching all the free video tutorials and using the free trial for a week if you decide its not for you, then you can walk away no questions asked.